The Haven Writer’s Circle meets every Wednesday via Zoom from 2-3:15. If you or someone you know wants to attend remotely, please email us at writerscircle@thehaven.org so that we can send you the Zoom meeting link as well as information about how the Writer’s Circle will work remotely.

At our most recent Writer’s Circle meeting we were led by a guest facilitator Judith Ely! A recording of the session with Ely’s prompt is available above.

Writing In Place

Welcome to Writing In Place, a new, innovative virtual space for connection, conversation, and creation. We hope you will find inspiration in the Writer’s Circle and community on the Discussion. Join us this fall as we explore the theme “Home,” a concept that has only become more central to our lives in recent months.

The Covid-19 crisis continues to devastate lives and fragment communities. If we are lucky, we are waiting it out in our homes. Thousands of people have lost their jobs and are struggling to pay rent. Those who were unhoused before the crisis feel their situation worsen as shelters close and services they relied on disappear.  Millions of children, many of whom depend on school meals to quell their hunger, are suddenly confined to their houses, struggling to learn online. Parents are stressed to their limits, and all around us, people are getting sick. The future seems bleak. We are isolated from one another. We are masked.

But that is not the whole story. Humans are resilient. The pace of life has changed, slowed for some, sped up for others. Yet, as we look for new ways to be together though we remain apart, we turn to virtual spaces for sustenance. And we are noticing that being in these spaces, which at first may feel isolated, even surreal, perhaps can ignites a craving for nature, the arts, and human connection.

So let’s lean on each other, whether you are working from home, unemployed, an essential worker, a staff member at PACEM or The Haven, a volunteer or community activist, or a person experiencing homelessness. Join us here, in this virtual space, for conversation on the Discussion page, for artistic expression in the Writer’s Circle. Come as you are. Be who you are. Join in.