A Perfect Home with Flaws


My Perfect Home

By: Maajid Husain

Stone steps lead up to the double brown doors. The doors used to be maroon to match the old garage doors, but my dad changed it to brown. The foyer is open and spacious and is the first thing that guests see when they come over. However, I am not a guest and I notice many different things than visitors. I see the gaps in the wall where the hidden closet is; I see the bookshelf sliding open to the secret compartment, I see the small pile of toys under the stairs. I see the flaws in my home, but it is those flaws that make a home home. I see the mess leaking out of my brother’s game closet with some Monopoly cash peeking out from the crack under the door and a stranded person from the Game of Life buried in the tassels of the shag rug. I see the cracks in the dark brown grout between the pinkish-brown tiles in the powder room.
As I stare outside of my window, I see the pond sparkling in the sunlight, and the geese floating while sporadically dunking their heads underwater. I see the blades of grass dancing in the wind swaying the heartbeat of the earth. I see the ancient tree in my backyard with its single living branch standing as a witness to a history I do not know of. After five years of living in this house I have watched the trees lining the pond and the road grow from small shrubs to giants taller than me. Nature never fails to amaze me as the constant growth and cyclical beauty of nature is a keystone that brings a sense of accomplishment to the fleeting time. As the nature around me progresses to grow and flourish I hope to do the same.
However many flaws I find, there is an overall beauty in the house and also the atmosphere in the house. A house is made from bricks mortar and wood, but a home is made by the people who reside inside. My brothers scream with joy, my other brothers singing, and my mom's silence while knitting a winter scarf make my house my Home. My dad and I both call home a place of work since Covid-19. My dad works in his office in the basement with the cold floor and door leading to the expansive patio, while I work silently in my room with my earbuds plugged in “away” from my family. I am grateful to God for my family and my home.