Chopped Poem #2


Move in Tune (a second installation of Chopped Poetry)


Her world had changed yet again.

I try to stir myself,

space and peace within.

The sun was sliding down on my face. 

I was not prepared.


Taking a bow.

I was alone in the ballroom

What would I find there? 

And I started dancing like I’d seen Tina Turner do at Wembly Stadium. 


What beauty did they observe?

Without blinking an eye, 

The moon gives comfort.

Soon the beam will catch up.

I have left for home, 

but I am yet to reach it. 

It is achievable if we try,

2000 miles from east to west.

The tree will yield the story of its life. 

Over and over I had tried to become a circle—

I am a triangle. 

The laws of physics be damned!

I was home.


Written on 3/17 by Evie Safran, Kris Long, Cheryl Wilfred, CK Naim, Dorothy Witherspoon, Anne Cressin, Emily Mortimer, and Kate Stephenson