Home is Where/ Where is home?


Home is Where/ Where is Home?

Home is where I’m from

Not where I live

Home is where the heart is

And though I love my house

Where I’ve lived for many years

I want to preserve the land that I love

Where I am from – New Mexico

This earth, my island home

Home more as broader, bigger space

Than the house where I live

At home in Virginia now

Although home is where I’m from

Caring about the area where I now live

The Appalachian Region

Again, this earth, my island home

Thinking of destruction of home for so many

Fires, floods, hurricanes, pandemic

Home now gone – nowhere to live –

Outsiders without status

Insecure housing

I love the house in which I live

Which has, over the years

Become somehow


Although home is where I’m from

Not so much where I live

                                                Anne Cressin 2/2/21


I love how no matter where you go in life, you are still connected to your beautiful hometown. I love that it will always be home to you.