Okay, but When?


Okay, but When?


I’ve become distanced, technical, and numb

I’m too mean and too young

To be this cheated

Help, someone, anyone.


I was excited, ready, and strong

I thought my government had my back

Pushing me to go on.

But fuck that I guess

Now just to cope

I suck in and spit out the news

Now I’m high on lies

Because my head’s full of dope

And I have no hope.


In trying to save dying sisters and brothers

I stupidly thought that there would be others

Instead, I found gluttony, corporate greed

Representatives not balls enough to be like us

        live like us

        die like us.


In coming of age I thought we were building America the Beautiful

Instead, we’ve just built America: For Rich People

We keep others out

We sow doubt

I thought they wanted me to succeed and add value

No, they just want to grab me by the pussy

I’m shallow.


I have seen so many people hurt.


I have seen so many people hurt. 


Mothers crying when their children are killed in detention centers.


Native American land raped by pipes and machines.


A planet ravaged by mass production and the exploitation of labor. 


The very source of my voice and influence on the powers controlling my body, my choices, my- life



I have seen so much trauma, it all bleeds together,


And all you can manage to say is 

“This time we’ll do better?"


Fuck you. 



edit: there should be no "now" in front of "I'm high on lies"



This poem is amazing. The voice is so powerful. I remember you apologizing or giving us a heads up about the profanity, but there are times when those words absolutely belong in a piece. This is one of those times. I appreciate the frustration here, and it was interesting to discuss how responses to the Inauguration--and really this particular moment in time--vary based on generation. Having said that, though, it's not just young people who feel the frustration you describe. How do we move towards real change? What would it look like to actually repair the inequality in our system? What would that require? What would we as individuals be willing to do to get there?  I loved the line "I'm high on lies." I think that captures the way so many of us feel--betrayed, ignored, powerless. But maybe through words we can begin to gain ground.