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The Haven’s Writers’ Circle meets via Zoom every Wednesday from 2-3:15. If you or someone you know wants to attend remotely, please email us at writerscircle@thehaven.org so that we can send you the Zoom meeting link as well as information about how the Writer’s Circle will work remotely.

Additional note: to access the discussion board, just input the password “writing.”

The Writer’s Circle welcomes guests, staff members, and volunteers from The Haven as well as other interested community members to write in community with one another. Each week throughout September and October, and November, we will post a new writing prompt here and on the Discussion page to inspire your writing and encourage discussion.

This fall we invite you to think deeply about the theme home not just because the pandemic has turned our focus to the domestic spaces we now must spend more time in, but because home—however you define it in your life—is always integral to our experience of who we are and how we live.

 The spaces we inhabit have taken on a new meaning now that many of us remain confined to a house, an apartment, a hotel room, or a family member’s home.

If you lack a space of your own, you may have to rely more heavily on the limited systems of care and support you still have access to.

Some of the questions we will consider this fall include:

What does your home look like?

How do you define home?

How is our sense of home connected to memory and identity?

What does your home tell the world about who you are?

How has the Covid crisis changed your actual home or your concept of home?

What barriers or challenges do you face in creating a home for yourself and your family?

How is home represented in modern culture?

Have something you want to see posted as a prompt? Send it to us!

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